IGA Tech Services provides fast, affordable and reliable computer support, configuration & troubleshooting, pc repair and web design for your home or office.

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Computer Repair - These days, computers are integral to our accelerated lifestyles. They are essential to running a business, doing research, contact and connecting to other people socially, and to relax. We watch movies, play games, write papers, send email. The daily uses of a computer are endless. Now imagine how inconvenient things become when your computer needs to be repaired. The entire operation grinds to a halt. It can become very frustrating. First, one must recognize that a computer is comprised of many intricate pieces which work together in unison. The first step to computer repair is identifying and diagnosing the problem. If you have found that your PC has failed to boot, begun freezing, crashes often, has begun to overheat with increasing frequency, or any of the multitude of hardware issues with a computer improperly operating, you should contact us as soon as possible. We will gladly address and take the necessary steps needed to resolve any hardware problems that have arisen. We will gladly replace a motherboard, bad video card, replace or upgrade RAM, or repair a failed hard drive, no problem.

PC Tune Up - Computers age in a similar manner that organic lifeforms do. Over time, their reflexes dwindle, taking noticeably longer time to perform the same tasks they once did instantly. Their memory gets spotty, unable to recall what was being asked, despite multiple reiterations of the initial query. Certain steps can be taken to restore your computer so that it will perform at the highest level it is able to.

Virus & Spyware Removal - Viruses and spyware are the plague of the internet age. There are more than a million viruses, each with a unique set of symptoms. They can range from simple slowdowns, pop ups or error messages, or even blockage of your internet connection. Some viruses disguise themselves as antivirus programs and hold your PC hostage or attempt to trick you into providing personal and financial information. If your experiencing windows popping up, programs running weird code, or something does not feel right, ask us for a diagnostic as it might mean you need spyware or virus removal.

Hard Drive Data Transfer - Maybe you just bought a new PC or laptop and want to transfer data directly from your old machine to the new one. We can take care of that for you. Even if your old computer no longer turns on, we can still recover and transfer the data to help you make a quick and efficient transition. Maybe, you want to move data from a computer to a phone, or vice versa.

Hardware Upgrades - Computers, more than other device, are not blessed by longevity. It's a fact of the matter. They become obsolete at a surprising rate. We will evaluate your machine's performance and make recommendations as to what can be done to increase performance. These include adding or upgrading RAM or any other hardware-related solutions.

Networking & Routers - In this day and age, a home without a wireless network and a router seems outlandish. It's hard to imagine not being able to access high speed internet instantaneously. The benefits of establishing one in your home or business are plentiful. Sharing files between coworkers does not rely on downloading through emails, as users can just access it from the network. Most notably though, is the ability to print documents from multiple computers from a single printer for maximum efficiency. The pains of computer networking and routers are universally known. It's an all-day endeavor; hours and hours of frustration, reading service manuals full of technical jargon, plugging and unplugging cables. The whole process is an arduous ordeal. Luckily for you, we can configure your networking and router so you don't have to. In addition, we offer on site assistance, further relieving the stress. Have your router and networking set up for you without ever leaving home.

Wireless Security Cameras - Safeguard your home or business with a wireless security camera system that hooks directly to your home or business Wi-Fi router and lets you view the cameras from your desktop or smart device. An all-in-one solution we can install for you very easily without running wires.

Computer Consulting & Technology Training - I can help you find the right computer that will fit your needs. We will help you choose the right hardware and software you will need to perform the daily tasks and functions for your desktop or laptop computer. I can also help you choose the best printers, fax machines and other home office machines you might need. We can help you with your software, tech gadgets, smartphones, tablets, smart TV's and any other things you need to make your technology experience better.

Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance - Everybody has a website these days. You might need a personal website to share family photos or talk about you and your hobbies or you might need a website for your small business to enhance sales and promote new products. I can build a website for you and provide domain name & web hosting services. Once you have a website created, we can also update your site content and maintain it for you. I can also help you with implementing Search Engine Optimization.

Digital Photo Editing & Enhancement - These days we all take photos of our daily lives with a smartphone, tablet or a digital camera but can't seem to get those pictures to come out right. I can edit and enhance your family photos for you with our advanced photo editing software and even transfer them to and from your devices.

eBay Auction Service - Do you have some collectibles, un-used items or clutter you no longer need? I can turn that stuff into extra cash for you. Showcase your collectibles, comic books, antiques, handbags, jewelry or anything you want to sell.

Remote & Phone Support - We understand that when your computer is having an issue, it is almost never a pleasurable experience. We also recognize that a portion of our customers may live in remote or otherwise distant places, making a trip to our service center arduous and burdensome. We aim to alleviate the stress caused by situations like these by offering remote and phone support, saving you both a trip, as well as having to unplug and dismantle your machine, and transport it across town. For those who may not be the most familiar with giving technical descriptions of what the problem is, instead show us what the issue is. Simply download a third-party client from TeamViewer, then we can securly login to your computer with a ID and password that only you have access to.

About Us

IGA Tech Services provides fast, affordable and reliable computer support, configuration & troubleshooting, pc repair and web design for your home or office. Buying a new desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone is never an easy process. With so many options and upgrades on the market it can make buying new technology a bit difficult. We can point you in the right direction and help you find the right system that will fit your needs. We can help you troubleshoot and resolve your computer, printer or networking problems, replace failed hardware, install new hardware, perform software installations such as adding firewall and anti-virus protection, apply patches, updates or upgrades, virus removal, adware removal and spyware elimination. We also do website design and maintenance plus provide web hosting and domain name services. We also provide consulting & technology training.

I have been living in South Florida for over 40 years and have over 20 years of Information Technology and Customer Service experience. I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and a Microsoft Certified Professional with Net+ and A+ certifications. I have been with Comcast and many other technology companies doing many different jobs and I take pride in my hard work, attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Computer skills and experience include: Windows OS (10, 8 & 7, Vista, XP, Windows NT/98/95), 2003/2008 Server, 2003 Small Business Server, Server 2012 R2 Standard, Terminal Services, Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, Apple OS, VMware Infrastructure Client, LogMeIn Remote Support, Team Viewer, Anti-Virus/Internet Security, Back-Up and Recovery for Windows Servers and Workstations, SonicWALL Security, Networking Hardware & Software, Corel Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Pro, QuarkXPress, Expression Web, FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Various Web Browsers, HTML, ASP, PHP, Web Site Development & Administration, cPanel, Search Engine Optimization, Web Host Manager Complete Solution, Customer Relationship Management, Digital Photography Editing, Wireless Security Systems, Social Media, Smartphones, Tablets & Smart TV's.

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We are available 24/7, please leave a detailed message and we will return your call asap.

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